Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm back!

I am seriously poor at doing things intermittently. But doing things everyday I can handle. So I am going to update this little blogity blog every day. I am pairing this everyday extravaganza with the RRARF diet.

RRARF stands for Rehabilitative Rest and Aggressive Re-Feeding. It is a diet I can get behind because its all about eating a lot. The idea of the RRARF diet is that we are so depleted from eating empty calories that our bodies are starving- which causes weight gain and lots and lots of health problems. One of the main symptoms is low body temperature. You can learn everything about this diet by going to

I eat well and I'm a healthy weight. I weigh between 124 and and 127 and am between a size 6 and 4 (yes, I went there). I still think there are deficiencies in my diet. I often forget meals and unintentionally starve myself (especially on days off). And my intake of whole foods has diminished in the last few months, I've been eating a lot more pasta and bread. I've also noticed a drop in my basal temperature in the mornings. Gone are the days when I would bring in a nice 99.0 degree reading on the thermometer.

The diet has a period of "overfeeding" and I may gain some weight during this time. People have been known to gain quite a bit, but I've never been one to hold on to fat, so I think the maximum I will gain is 10 pounds.

Well, we will see won't we.

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