Sunday, March 9, 2008

Embarking BLOG

I have decided to start a blog, this happens to be something I have thought about doing for 1000 years, well, maybe 3 or 4 months. Here I will share with the public my adventures in food and herbalism, discoveries, and other things that I feel should be shared.

The idea to blog came about when I found out the Judy's Organic egg, Uncle Eddy's Wild Hen Farm, Gold Circle, Rock Island Fertilized Eggs, and Petaluma Farms are all produced by one company in one large building. This made me so angry I stormed around the apartment for days glaring out the windows, wondering how I didn't know that I was eating eggs from these people. Whenever I went to the Berkeley Bowl I thought of putting up signs, warning other consumers of this deception. I felt like stopping people at the check out saying, "do you know thats a Petaluma Farms product you are buying?" I didn't, instead I found eggs I found acceptable and warned my friends, many of whom rolled their eyes. My lovely bf told me to blog, probably so I would stop telling him the same things over and over for lack of another audience.

Then I became enraged over cat food, the quality of it, the ingredients, and the misinformation given to the public, yadda yadda yadda...

Neither of these things actually gave me the reason to start a blog. My frustration at the state of the food industry was more of an impedance to bloggerizm that an inspiration. I didn't want to start a blog just to say that I felt mislead by egg packaging, or that most cats in this country are chronically dehydrated due to the food that we give them. I wanted to share good ideas, recipes and the occasional outrage. Apparently I needed to wait until the rainy season was over.

So here we are.



Trouble said...

yay! so excited you started a blog! i will look to it as a resource that i am buying credible products from seemingly "safe" places like b-bowl...though i am not NEARLY as into eggs as you are. (hope i didn't actually roll my eyes though when you mentioned it!)

wicked said...

you go, girl!