Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Organic Skin Care

My face has be acne-prone since I hit puberty. It drives me nuts! For the most part I have stayed away from the chemicals we foist on little girls telling them their skin will be clear. Instead I voted for the health food store stuff, only to later find it also filled with chemicals. After careful searching I found two companies I can truly support, Terressentials and Grateful Body. Both are food grade organic, both have about a six month shelf-life, and they are both expensive($20-$30). Less expensive, and less endorsed by yours truly, is Aubrey organics, which have a pretty solid ingredient list, aside from the occasional "fragrance" or "Aubrey's Preservative" listing. I have seen a few peoples skin clear up on these products, just not mine.

My skin seems to be the most addicted to its acne. My personal favorite beauty line-up includes, washing my face with yogurt (homemade of course), making regular scrubs with cornmeal, and using a clay mineral mask. Not that it has made my skin completely clear, but every step I take makes it a little better. Recently I began working at a spa that uses Ayurvedic products called Shankara. The owner hooked me up with some teeny tiny bottles of cell activator and blemish oil. It appears the acne is going away, for real this time. I am amazed. These products are beyond what I would normally consider an acceptable cost, but they work so darn well($30-$55).

Yogurt Face Cleanser:
Pinch of Salt
pinch of baking soda if you have blackheads

Smear all over your face and neck, let it sit for 2 minutes, rinse it of with lukewarm water

*a note on yogurt: I recommend full fat yogurt. If you are vegan, or for some other reason milk yogurt is unacceptable, try to find grain yogurt, such as oat or rice milk yogurt, not soy yogurt. Soy has a tendency to attract free radicals, rather than neutralize them.*


More on my skin as it becomes clear.

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