Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ok! I know, bad first date move. I try to convince you checking this thing is worth your time, that I am going to share good info about things, and then I dissapear for three months. Well it was a busy spring. Apparently it is not a good idea to start a new job and a new blog at the same time. Lesson learned. For the last four months, my scedule was such that I did not have two consecutive days off. With a little menuvering and some thought, I managed to secure a four day work week. Not bad for a lady in the first year of her career!!

I also went on an eight day excursion to visit Jason's family, Moved, had a best friend visit, and had my mom visit in the last 30 days. The excitement continues as another best friend comes tomorrow and 7 days from now I depart to the Mendocino Woodlands for Witchcamp.

I got a cold. The last time I got sick was in December, there was a nasty 3 week flu going around that everyone I know caught, I was sick for 3 days. Now I am sick and no one else I know is. I have exhausted myself and the future is not looking better in this regard. I am hoping to make some fire cider tomorrow. I was going to make that in March, If I had done that I probably wouldn't be sick right now.

At least I got to paint my bathroom; Its pale pink and looks lovely.

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Ol' Pappy said...

Feelin' a little pale pink meself, but heading to Uke Camp.....Wish you were ready to relive the Quesadilla Summer with me..

"Yr. Pa"