Friday, July 11, 2008

Coming home

I've been back from camp almost a week now, but it still feels like yesterday. I have thrown off many self-imposed restrictions, not the least of which is my regularly scheduled bedtime. The side effect of which is that I stayed up past 2 before work at 8:30 and then stayed up until 1 that night. Looks like I'm finally acting like a youth.

It has be hard to get back into feeding myself. Just one week of "the bell is ringing, lets go get our food" and it takes at least another week to relearn "I'm hungry, I'll have a snack" Since I am bad at managing to eat any meal besides dinner anyway, I have been wandering around the city partially hungry all week. Things are improving though, I'm remembering what I like for lunch. Thanks to the animal style grilled cheese at In and Out Burger, I made it through a wonderfully busy afternoon at the spa. Tonight I dices up some leeks and mushrooms and sauteed them in butter, when they were mushy I wilted some swiss chard in there, added some red wine vinegar and served it over brown rice. I thought It was quite yum, Jason was a little underwhelmed.

I am trying to get myself re-invigorated to paint the rest of our apartment. Especially our bedroom and the "front room." Both of those rooms get good light that show off just how ugly the colors are.

Nothing all that exciting is happening on the herbalism front the last few days. My purslane vinegar is still steeping. I have jumped back into learning flower essence therapy. I freaking love that stuff. I think I'll write about that in my next post. Hooray, a topic!!!